We are millenials, innovative and leaders in digital development in Brazil.

Six years ago, Vinícius Dias and Fernando Cymrot, both with backgrounds in investment banking, decided to build a platform where buyers and sellers could negotiate digitally.

Since then, they raised US$ 8 millions in 4 investment rounds, with experienced names from financial and technology sectors.

Today, there are more than 100 employees working together in São Paulo, Londrina and Curitiba. The head office is located in Itaim Bibi, at Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue, corner of Faria Lima, in an office of 1600 square meters.

Major companies have already hired CWS’ services to create disruptive business models in the their supply chain, with the help of an innovative tech platform.


To help big companies on building digital communities in their markets.


To gather 100 of the 1000 largest Brazilian companies on the platform.


– To honor companies that are seeking to connect themselves with their reality and to definitely innovate their business.
– Our client’s success is our success.
– Respect for our clients’ resources.
– Deadlines are religion.
– To evolve everyday.
– Knowledge is the key to productivity.
– To work with a long-term vision.
– To keep track and analyze data all the time.
– To endlessly monitor our clients’ evaluations.
– To listen to experienced people and to act with a millennial intuition.
– To try new solutions when the results do not come.
– To always research.
– Never give up on results.
– To show value in all services.
– To have financial wisdom as a working method.
– The true innovation is the one that brings profit and can scale.
– Planning is the foundation of any analysis.
– Looking into the future is the groundwork for innovation.
– Innovating everyday is to advance using new problems.
– Determination and ambition are healthy when the purpose is honest.
– What is done is more valuable than what is planned but not done.
– Create an ideal environment for tests and failures.
– Research, experimentation and observation are the promoters of creativity and innovation.